Freediving Instructor Course PADI and Pure Apnea

25.02-6.03.2017* and
20-28.05.2017*, Amed, Bali

Price: USD 1290

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Price Includes: PADI and Pure Apnea Instructor Course, Pure Apnea Judge Course

*Note: please contact us if the dates above don’t fit your schedule. We run instructor courses all year round depending on instructors’ availability. 

Become a Freediving Instructor!

If you love freediving and would like to share your passion with others by offering structured, high quality, professional courses to students then joining our Fusion PADI – Pure Apnea Instructor Course is a must! 
During the Freediving Instructor Course you will learn how to conduct yourself as a freediving professional and provide your students with high quality freediving courses. You will become familiar with 2 different teaching systems and get permissions to teach within their standards. The course covers all important aspects of teaching freediving, including:

  • Course management, standards and procedures
  • Methodology and teaching skills
  • Presentation and practical skills development
  • Safety and risk management
  • Marketing and business development

After the mandatory 9 day part of the course you have the option (included in the course price) to continue with first hand teaching experience. The mandatory intensive 9-day Instructor Course is open to all Level 3 Master Freedivers and requires thorough knowledge of freediving techniques and a high degree of open water freediving skills. Instructor candidates must be comfortable performing a 40m CWT freedive on demand. On successful completion of this course, you will be able to confidently teach PADI Freediver, and Pure Apnea Level 1 and Level 2 courses. You will also be certified as a Pure Apnea Judge and qualified to teach the Assistant Judge course. 

  • 7 days PADI and Pure Apnea Instructor Course
  • 2 days Pure Apnea Judge Course
  • 7-10 days teaching practice (internship) (according to candidate availability)

Pure Apnea Master Instructor Course (60m dive requirement) available based on evaluation of the candidate, after successful completion of instructor course.
Crossover from other organizations is available during the course. Ask for details and the price.

Students who enroll for the Instructor Course must:

  • be +18 years of age 
  • hold the PADI Master Freediver / Pure Apnea Level 3 Master Freediver qualification or equivalent* 
  • have 6 months of freediving experience 
  • have freediving competition experience as one of the following: athlete, judge, assistant judge, safety diver or organizer 
  • be capable of performing 40m CWT freedives using bi-fins 
  • be a current Emergency First Response (CPR/first aid) Instructor
  • have a current medical statement signed by a physician within 12 months
  • purchase obligatory for the course PADI Materials (PADI Freediver Program Instructor Guide, PADI Freediver Instructor Cue Cards, PADI Freediver Touch, PADI Freediver Quicek Review); the materials can be purchased at Fusion Freediving and Yoga (cost of around 120 USD); it is required to get an access to all course materials at least 2 weeks before the course (for self-study)

TTo successfully finish the instructor course all candidates must fulfill:

  1. Theory presentations - successfully present parts of the freediving theory from students’ manual
  2. Theory exams – successfully complete all the exams at least with a minimum pass rate
  3. Practical skills presentation - successfully present practical skill sessions from students’ manual
  4. Performance Requirements:
    ■ 2x 40m CWT (Bi-fins) freedives. The dives must be comfortable and display good technique. The dives must be performed in separate dive sessions.
    ■ 4:00 Static.
    ■ 25m rescue, revival and 50m tow.
    ■ 100m DYN (Bi-fins)
    ■ 50m DNF
    ■ 25m CNF
    ■ Hang (+-45sec) at 15m followed by a rescue
    ■ 5x 20m CWT with 1 minute surface interval
    ■ 40m rope rescue in 4 minutes with 10kg bottom weight

Instructor certifications and annual fees:
Once all course requirements are met, the PADI Freediver Instructor and Pure Apnea Instructor certificates will be issued. Pure Apnea certifications and annual fee are included in the price. PADI Instructor certification and annual fee are not included in the course fee.

Need more practice before the Instructor Course? Sign in Level 3 or Master Course or book extra trainings 

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Master Course + Instructor Course
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