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Surf Apnea

Surf Apnea WorkShop Course

Surf Apnea is a dedicated 1-day survival breath hold course which consists of:

  • Theory sessions
  • Breathing techniques
  • Dry statics (breath holds on land)
  • Wet statics (breath holds submerged)
  • Ear equalisation
  • CO2 static table
  • 3-wave hold down simulation
  • Rescue and revival
  • Apnea walking
  • Theory exam

On successful completion you will have held your breath for over 2 minutes, endured a 3-wave hold down simulation and passed an exam which will qualify you for Pure Apnea certification.

The course fee is $120 USD, which includes the development of different techniques and disciplines:

1.Static Breath Holds

Triggering the Mammalian Dive Reflex and learning to identify and relax through the symptoms of high CO2 in your body will allow you to hold your breath for over 2 minutes... and most likely much longer!

2. CO2 Table

Moving into the water and holding your breath without preparation brings you closer to real surf hold down conditions. A CO2 table will get you feeling comfortable and confident. Rescue and resuscitation techniques follow.

3. Hold Down Simulation

Heart rate is up, pumping muscles, a sudden breath hold, water surging around you, surface, paddle, paddle... another hold down, spinning, seconds feel like minutes, surface, paddle, paddle... again another hold down, pushed down and surface!

4. Multiple Choice Exam

A short 20 question multiple choice exam will help identify sections of the course which you might not have fully understood. Your instructor will review the answers with you to ensure that you are ready for those hold downs!

5. Training Exercises

Breath hold exercises like apnea walking are extremely useful for developing your apnea abilities after the course. They will help you increase your comfort during breath holds and help increase your breath hold times. Enjoy the surf!

Surf Apnea WorkShops also can be run in any Surf Camp location in Bali.
(we need a pool and a minimum of 5 student per course. 15% extra fee will be apply for commission concepts of the total price that will be for the Surf Camp)