Freediving School

Coaching and Training Days

Come and train with us!

Coaching and Training is only under request and need to be run with a minimum of two student.

Training is the best way to improve and increase your freediving abilities. Here at fusion we offer a range of ways to train and increase your abilities. Certified freediving instructors are there to provide you personalised coaching and feedback along with perfect set up (buoys, lines, weights) and environment (depth and calm water) for you to improve your depth technique and ability in a safe, progressive way. We also help you to improve your technique, giving you personalized feedback and training according to your needs. You relax and train and we will look after the rest. You can ask for different training packages suiting your needs.We are experienced freediving and yoga instructors, who can work on your personal requirements. Either if you are experience or totally new ask what you want and we will tailor made whatever suits your needs.

1-2 pax US$ 60 US$ 540 US$ 960 US$ 1,200 Add US$ 15
to each session
3 pax & ... US$ 50 US$ 450 US$ 800 US$ 1,050 Add US$ 10
to each session

Prices: per person, include: training with certified instructor, freediving equipment and our facilities (storage and changing room, showers).
Coaching: tailor made training session in the pool or at depth.

IMPORTANT: Depth available: Jemeluk Bay maximum 46m, deeper dives requires boat training and they will charge extra for deep safety purpose. (all training need to be run with a minimum of two student.

Please contact us for more information.