Freediving Level Two

Price: USD 370 – All Inclusive - Pickup to Drop-Off -  No hidden costs  =) - Book Here!


ALL INCLUSIVE Price:  Return a/c Transport to Kuta/Sanur, Accommodation, Lunches and Drinks, Certification, Study Material, Equipment Rental, USAT Liberty WW2 Shipwreck Session*

You already know all the basic skills to freedive safely. Now it’s time to GO DEEP and experience the real magic… FREEFALL! Learn advanced equalisation techniques, become energy efficient, prepare your body & mind for pressure and the manageable stress of longer breath-holds and practice deep rescue skills required. Discover amazing blue waters of Jemeluk Bay in Amed, east coast of Bali.

  • Introduction and practice of FREEFALL
  • Advanced equalisation techniques
  • Deep freedives to maximum -30m
  • Body and mind relaxation techniques for pool and depth disciplines
  • Self-rescue and deep safety skills
  • CO2 training concepts

We hold our Level 2 Courses at our Freediving Centre in Amed, the diving paradise on the north-east coast of Bali, the crystal clear deep waters and rich marine life close to shore are perfect for learning freediving. This idyllic costal town is the perfect getaway to see another part of the Balinese experience. We provide free air-conditioned transport between Sanur/Kuta and Amed before and after the course. One night stay in Amed required, we can also organise accommodation for you in Amed if required.

 Course outline:

This 3 day advanced freediving course designed to equip freedivers with the knowledge and skills to become proficient advanced freedivers. Students will learn to become energy efficient, to prepare their bodies for pressure, to train on land and in the water, to perform advanced equalization techniques, to organize and run training session, and to do it all safely!

Day 1:

  • Transport from Kuta/Sanur to Amed at around 6-6:30 am (depending on number of students)
  • Theory session 1: physiology, mammalian dive reflex, warm-ups and training concepts
  • Confined water session 1 – Static and Dynamic apnea, coaching, maximum performance, safety and rescue practice
  • Lunch, inclusive of course fees
  • Theory session 2: buoyancy, freefall, physiology and equalisation (Frenzel)
  • Dry practice of Frenzel equalisation technique, glottis and soft palate control
  • Confined water session 2 – Dynamic apnea with fins: adjusting buoyancy, flutter kick, dolphin kick, CO2 training

Day 2:

  • Freediving specific lung and thoracic stretching session
  • Open water session 1 – Frenzel technique, freefall, body position, streamlining, relaxation
  • Lunch, inclusive of course fees
  • Theory session 3: physiology, safety, stretching
  • Open water session 2 – warm-ups, Frenzel technique, freefall, CWT body position, streamlining and duck dives, safety practice and buddying, self-rescue

Day 3:

  • Freediving specific lung and thoracic stretching session
  • Open water session 3 – advanced safety and deep rescue
  • Lunch, inclusive of course fees
  • Theory exam
  • Open water session 4 – training session and practical exam or fun dives in Liberty Wreck (depends on the achieved requirements)
  • Post-course briefing and summary
  • Transport from Amed to Kuta/Sanur after the course (around 5-6 pm)

Our courses are delivered by our team of experienced multinational instructors who are all professionally certified. The FusionTeam will strive to tailor your courses appropriately in order to meet and exceed your expectations. With a maximum instructor to student ratio 1:4 plus exellent in-water assistants, we are able to deliver the highest quality, challenging and FUN personalized course =)

We run our Level 2 courses twice a week starting on Mondays and Fridays. We can also put on courses outside these days subject to instructor availability.


  • Level 1 certification 
  • Minimum age 16 (with parental consent) 
  • Good health and completion of the "medical statement" 
  • Ability to swim

The course fee is USD 370, which includes:

  • Level 2 Freediving Course
  • Fun Freedive session at USAT Liberty WW2 Ship Wreck at Tulamben*, guided by our Instructors
  • Pool entrance
  • Insurance
  • Lunch and Drinks
  • All professional freediving specific equipment**
  • Course study materials.
  • Internationally recognised certification (PADI / Pure Apnea / AIDA)
  • Return Transport from Kuta/Sanur to Amed
  • A/C or Fan Cosy clean Dorm Accommodation (with upgrade options)

We offer discounts on the above price. These apply to group bookings, multiple course bookings and repeat customers. Bring a friend and save 10%!

All you need is your Swimwear, Sandals, Sunscreen and a Towel

*Optional, if all requirements fulfilled after morning open water session of the 3rd day

**If you have any of your own 'lucky' freediving equipment, we welcome you to bring it along and see how it sizes upto our pro quality training gear =)

***Accommodation in Amed IS included - saving you from $15 - $65+/per night


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