200USD Basic Freediver 

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certification: PADI +50USD, AIDA +25USD


 Become an efficient Aquatic Human in 2 days !!

  • NO experience required!
  • Make your first step into the silent world of breath hold diving
  • Start your Freediving Journey from basic theory and dry breath hold practice, through pool experience, up to challenging open water freedives to the maximum depth of 20m!
  • With the assistance of our experienced instructors develop your freediving skills in the most safe and relaxing way

We hold our Level 1 Courses at our Freediving Centre in Amed, the diving paradise on the north-east coast of Bali, the crystal clear deep waters and rich marine life close to shore are perfect for learning Freediving.  This idyllic costal town is the perfect getaway to see another part of the Balinese experience. We provide free air-conditioned accommodation and delicious local meals for your course -  letting you relax on your Freedive Adventure

Course outline:
2 day foundation course covers the essential safety education, knowledge and technique basics of freediving, including breathing, relaxation, physiology, equipment, equalisation

Day 1:

  • Theory sessions: equipment, physiology, physics, diaphragmatic breathing, equalisation, safety and rescue
  • Breathing awareness and relaxation session
  • Dry breath hold practice
  • Lunch
  • Confined water session 1 – Static apnea, relaxation, buddying, safety and rescue practice
  • Confined water session 2 – Dynamic apnea with fins, body position, streamlining, finning technique, buddying, safety and rescue practice

Day 2:

  • Theory review: equalisation, body position, duck dives
  • Open water session 1 – free immersion dives, equalisation, body position, streamlining, duck dives, introduction to finning
  • Lunch
  • Written exam
  • Open water session 2 – Refining finning and deep diving, max depth attempts, rescue and safety skills Summary

Our courses are delivered by our team of experienced multinational instructors who are all professionally certified. The FusionTeam will strive to tailor your courses appropriately in order to meet and exceed your expectations. With a maximum instructor to student ratio 1:4 plus exellent in-water assistants, we are able to deliver the highest quality, challenging and FUN personalized course =)



  • minimum age 14 (with parental consent)
  • good health and completion of the "medical statement"
  • ability to swim


Level 1 Freediver course fee USD 200,

** PADI certification  +50USD - AIDA +25USD

while all Fusion Freediving courses are run to the same high standards and providing student requirements are met for certifying - including examinations - issuing of certifications is student optional


We offer discounts on the above price. These apply to group bookings, multiple course bookings and repeat customers. Bring a friend and save 10%!

All you need is your Swimwear, Sandals, Sunscreen and a Towel

*If you have any of your own freediving equipment, we welcome you to bring it along for use.

  • cost price transport $30USD + dorm accommodation $10USD available  =)


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