About Fusion Freediving

Fusion Freediving was founded in 2011 as a freediving school and centre of learning dedicated to giving the best value freediving courses in Bali. Our philosophy is to give the student more than just a course, we want to give them an experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to customise our courses and trips to suit your requirements. We strive to deliver a quality learning experience which leaves the student with a comprehensive knowledge of the entire freediving experience.
We at Fusion believe that when we teach a person to freedive we are teaching them more than just another sport we are teaching them a life skill. If learning to swim is like learning to crawl then learning to freedive is like learning to run. It gives you complete freedom to move throughout the worlds oceans and lakes and explore them at your leaisure and in a completely natural way. We know this to be true and we want you to experience it too.
Here at Fusion we offer PADI, Pure Apnea and AIDA accredited freediving courses, Speciality freediving courses, one on one training, Freediving trips and excursions and yoga.

Fusion Freediving Facilities

We want to ensure all of our students have the best freediving experience that can when they learn and train with us. Our freediving centre in Amed Bali is designed specifically with free divers in mind, With close by access to deep water, a star of the art classroom and teaching space and the Fusion Organic Cafe to feed us we can be sure you get the best freediving experience in Bali. We can also ensure the students have the optimal environment to learn in as we only provide the best equipment designed specifically for freediving.


Freediving Fins

We supply long blade freediving fins for all our courses. We use Cressi, Mares, Seac, Omer and Aqualung brand fins to ensure the best fit for your foot and for the best and most comfortable experience.


Freediving Masks

All our masks are low volume low profile freediving masks. We mostly the very popular Aqualung Sphera's and Micromask's. We also keep a small stock of other masks to ensure we have a mask that fits to your face perfectly.


Male and Female Wetsuits

Our Rip Curl Dawn patrol wetsuits were chosen by us as the best all round wetsuit to learn freediving in. We keep a stock of both male and female versions of these warm comfortable intra flexible wetsuits to suit each size.



Our large stock of competition grade monofins ensure that when you wish to pouch the limits of your freediving ability you have the best equipment available to you to give you the best chance of cracking that new personal best.


Specialist Equipment

We also keep a supply of nose clips, fluid googles, lanyard's, neck weights and other specialist freediving specific equipment available for you to utilise.


Underwater Scooters

Yes we even have underwater scooters! We use them both for fun and also for deep training and buddy support. We want to make sure when you arrive on the buoy you arrive in the most relaxed and calm way possible.